My first doctor’s appointment

The first time I admitted to myself and others that we may be having trouble getting pregnant was in November 2013.   I wasn’t feeling well and went to see my doctor.   As we were talking he asked me if I was planning on having children.  I told him I was and that we’d been actively trying for 8 cycles.   He asked what we had been doing and I told him.

I had come across Fertility Friend in April 2013 and began charting my cycles.   They were very regular and with temping I was able to confirm ovulation every month.  We also added in OPK’s a few months earlier.   He told me that since we’ve been doing everything right I should go ahead and make an appointment to speak with my OB/GYN.

Fertility Chart

I went home and called the OB/GYN right away.  I explained that we had been trying for 8 cycles, that I was temping and charting, and that we were using OPK’s.   I told them my age and my husband’s age and the receptionist agreed that I should at least come in and speak to the doctor.   The earliest they could get me in was in December.  I took the appointment.

Later on that night I mentioned to my husband that I was going to the OB/GYN.   When he asked why I told him it was because I was afraid we couldn’t get pregnant on our own.  He disagreed with me but told me if it would make me feel better then I should go.   So I kept the appointment but I was a little nervous.   I wasn’t sure what to expect but around this time I starting chatting with some girls from one of my online boards.

It turned out I wasn’t the only one having difficulty getting pregnant.   A few of us started chatting regularly and they really helped me prepare for my first appointment.


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