My first OB/GYN appointment

I arrived at my OB/GYN office in December at the scheduled time.  When I arrived the receptionist asked if I’d like to speak with my regular doctor or the new doctor they had on staff.  I replied that it didn’t matter, I’d take whoever was available first.  They took me right back and set me in the room.

Five minutes later a woman walked in and introduced herself.   She was awesome.   My OB/GYN is a male and while I think he is fabulous, it was so much easier to have this conversation with a female.  She asked me a lot of questions about my cycles, my family history, etc.   She then asked what I’ve done to try and get pregnant.

After hearing I’d been charting, temping, and using OPK’s she told me that she thought it might be time to see an RE (reproductive endocrinologist).  I nodded silently and she went to find out where people went since we didn’t have one in our area.  When she returned she had a large folder full of information.  She handed me a number and told me to call for an appointment.

Then she talked about all the testing that needed to be done.  She could write me up for day 3 and day 21 lab work as well as an HSG.  The HSG couldn’t be scheduled until I got my period because it has to be done in between your period and ovulation so I had to call once I got my next period.   She also wrote a slip for my husband to have a semen analysis.

All of these things could be done in the next month.  She was fairly certain it would take several months to get in to the RE so in the meantime I felt like we at least had a plan.   I walked out of the office with mixed feelings.   I had somewhere to go and someone to help me, but I felt really sad that I wasn’t able to get pregnant on my own.   I didn’t want to tell anyone what was going on because I felt ashamed.


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