Bloodwork and SA

My first blood work was the Day 21 blood work.  It was no big deal as I went to my local hospital, went to registration, and 10 minutes later I had my blood draw and I was gone.   My second blood work, Day 3, was the same.

Now for my husband’s seman analysis (SA).   We were going to have it done on Christmas Eve so that I could take the sample down to the hospital since he was embarrassed to do so.   (However, after all we’ve been through now, there is no longer any embarrassment in that area).

I took the sample down to the nearly empty hospital waiting room and waited for my turn to go to the registration desk.  When I handed the woman my form she looked up and told me it was Christmas Eve.  I responded that I knew that and she then said that she didn’t think any of the pathologists were in that day and that I would probably have to throw away the sample and get a new one to bring back later.

I couldn’t believe it.   She told me that she would call upstairs and see but that it probably wouldn’t happen today.   She was on the phone for over 15 minutes while I sat and waited.   I could only think that my husband would not want to repeat the SA the next week and that this totally sucked.

As it turned out one lonely woman was working up there and only until noon.  She came down and retrieved the sample and I was on my way.  I was so happy that it ended up working out and that we wouldn’t have to do it again.

I was anxious to get the results of all of our testing, but I knew it would be weeks before I went back to the OB/GYN.  I still had to get through the HSG.

A quote about hope


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