Our First IUI: Part One

About three weeks after our visit to the RE’s office I received a phone call and an e-mail from our financial counselor.   Attached to the e-mail was a long form from my insurance company letting me know our benefits.   The short of it is that I am in one of 5 states in the United States that mandates IF coverage.   My insurance would cover all testing, all ultrasounds, unlimited IUI’s, and 3 rounds of IVF.   I was ecstatic as there was no way we could afford treatment on our own.

The next day I called Betsy my nurse to tell her about the insurance.   She said the financial counselor had told us so she already ordered my medications.   The IUI was really happening.  She said that someone should be calling me that day to confirm the date I needed my medicine.  She also told me that I needed to call her the first day of my period so that I could start my monitoring.

This was when I asked about monitoring closer to home.  She said they had a good relationship with an RE 1 hour away and that I could monitor there.

IUI success

Later that day the infertility pharmacy called and wanted to know when to send my medications.  I told them they could send them ASAP.  They wanted to go over the list of things they were sending me so I said ok.  In truth, I didn’t really know what I was getting.   My doctor had told me there would be a pill and a shot but that was it.

The woman on the phone said she was sending Clomid, 5 vials of Bravelle, 1 pre-filled Ovidrel syringe, 20 syringes for the Bravelle, 20 needles for the Bravelle, a sharps container, and 30 alcohol swabs.  She asked me to verify if that was my order.   I was a little surprised by the amount of stuff but I agreed.

Two days later my shipment arrived with instructions to put the Ovidrel in the refrigerator which I did immediately.  The other things I placed in my dresser drawer and the Clomid I put in the medicine cabinet.  I started looking through the packet of information that my nurse gave me on giving the shots.  It was a lot to read.  I had to mix the shot myself and then give it.  Uh…I’m not a nurse and I’m certainly no doctor.   I immediately went to Freedom Pharmacy and watched the videos of how to give an injection as well.   I felt as ready as I was going to be.

A few days later my period arrived.   I called Betsy and she instructed me to begin my Clomid on CD (cycle day) 3.  She also told me I needed a baseline ultrasound that day as well so I called the RE that was closer to me and made an appointment.   Our first treatment cycle had just begun and I was excited and ready for it.


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