Our First IUI: Part Two-The Monitoring Appointment

I received my box of medicine a few days before I got my period.   I read up on how to give the injections, watched a few videos at Freedom Pharmacy, and familiarized myself with what I would be doing.

The day my period arrived I called my RE.   I was told to schedule a monitoring appointment for cycle day (CD) 3.  I called the other RE’s office and made the appointment first thing in the morning.   Two days later my husband and I drove the hour to our appointment.   We nervously waited until my name was called.

I went back with the nurse and first she had to draw my blood which was relatively painless.   Then she asked if I needed to use the bathroom.  I replied no.   She took me into the ultrasound room and told me the doctor would be with me.

Here is where it gets sketchy.  She didn’t say anything to me about what I was supposed to do.  I climbed up on the table and looked around.   What I saw was a giant wand with a condom on it.  My stomach dropped.   Was I getting an internal ultrasound?  What happened to the ultrasounds I saw on TV on my stomach?

I sat there and waited until the doctor came in.  He introduced himself and then I asked if this was a stomach ultrasound or an internal one.  He told me that all monitoring ultrasounds were internal.  I then told him I had to use the bathroom and went to remove my tampon.  I was seriously mortified.

Trans-vaginal Ultrasound machine

I came back in and the nurse then told me to take off my pants and hop up on the table.  I did so and the doctor came back in.  I apologized for not knowing what to do and he assured me it was ok.   The next thing I knew the vag cam was in.  I had no idea what I was looking at.   He showed me my uterus and then my ovaries.  I had a small cyst on my right ovary which was a concern to him so he documented it, took the camera off, and told me he’d see me next time.   That was it.  No real pain which was good.

I got back into the car with my husband and I told him all about it as we drove home.  He was surprised about the trans-vaginal ultrasound as well.

I quickly went to work and waited for my phone call.  Around 2 my nurse called and told me my blood work looked good so I should take my Clomid starting that day, for 5 consecutive days.  It had to be taken at the same time everyday.  Then I’d take a day off, then the next day I’d do a Bravelle shot and go back to get monitored.   It looked like this cycle was a go!


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