Our First IUI: Part Three-Medications and Monitoring

I started the Clomid on the third day.  I took 50mg every night for 5 nights.   Now I am usually someone who is freezing at night but the Clomid had me sweating and throwing off the covers in the middle of the night.  Otherwise, I had no side effects from the Clomid.

After 5 days of Clomid, I had 1 day off and then it was time to take the Bravelle.   For some reason I had to get it in my butt and I was freaking out.   I set everything up and my husband and I watched the video on how to do before starting.   I iced my bottom and mixed the Bravelle.   It was very scary knowing I had to mix my own medication.  Then I drew up the medicine and called my husband.


He came in and seemed nervous.   I took the ice pack off and he swabbed my butt with an alcohol swab.  He asked me where to put it and I showed him.   He took a deep breath and I ran away.   I took a few steps away and told him I couldn’t do it.  He told me to turn around that it wouldn’t be that bad.   We got all set up again and then I moved and started crying.

I was totally scared of the shot and my husband was getting frustrated.   He finally told me he wasn’t going to do it.  I told he had to and told him to do it.  So with me crying and him frustrated we got it done.  The needle went in, he plunged the medication in, and we put a band-aid on it.  It pinched but it wasn’t too bad.

In the end we decided this was best.  He wasn’t sure he could do it so being frustrated helped.   I didn’t think I could do it but having him tell me it was now or he wasn’t going to do it helped me to stand still. So it ended up working out for the best.

The next day we had off and then we went for monitoring.  This time I was prepared and took my bottoms off.   The doctor came in and started the ultrasound.  It was crazy to see my ovaries and the little beans (called follicles) inside.   I ended up having 2 follicles on one side and 1 on the other.  They were all between 11-14mm in length.

My nurse called later on in the day and told me I had to take another dose of Bravelle that night and then go back to monitor in 2 days.   The second does of Bravelle was much easier.   While I cringed when it went in, I didn’t cry, I didn’t move, and it was very calm.

Two days later we went back for monitoring.   My follicles were growing and were now 17-18mm in length.   The doctor told me that I would probably do a trigger shot that night but I’d have to wait for the blood work.   When I went out to the lobby I was excited to tell my husband.  We drove home filled with hope.

When we got home I had a call from the nurse.  She wanted me to trigger between 8-10 pm and come in 2 days later at 8am for our IUI.   I couldn’t believe it!   That night I iced my stomach, swabbed the area, and injected the shot.   I took an Ovidrel shot for my trigger.   It was surprisingly painless, I didn’t have to mix it myself, and the needle was really small.

Now all we had to do was make it another 36 hours and we’d be on our way to making a baby!


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