Our First IUI: Part Four-the actual procedure

For our first IUI we had to get to the RE’s office by 8:45 with specimen in hand or my husband could produce it there.   We live 1 hour 45 minutes from the office and they said the specimen had to be there within 2 hours so we were on a tight timeline.

It ended up we were ready to go around 6:30.   My husband produced the specimen and we ran for the car.   Luckily traffic was on our side and we got to the office around 8:25.   They took our specimen and told us we could come back at 10:30 for the actual IUI.   Without really knowing the town we roamed around and found a great little breakfast spot.

We arrived back at the doctor at 10.   It was a long wait until 10:30.   When they called us back we jumped with nervous excitement.  This was it.   We might actually be making our baby today.  As we walked back I grabbed my husband’s hand and squeezed tightly.

When we got to the room we had to verify our names, our social security numbers, and then we looked at the paperwork to verify the specimen was the one we had dropped off.  I’m really glad they take so many precautions.  Then it was time for me to get undressed from the waist down.  I hopped up on the table and started freaking out.

Five minutes later the other RE came in.  Turns out my RE wasn’t in the office that day so I had the female RE who I had never met before.  She was great though.  She totally put us at ease and was super nice.  When it was time she explained the procedure and how it would work.

Next, she put in the speculum.   Then went the catheter with the sperm.   The catheter felt weird as it went in and made me jump.  Then she pushed the plunger and that was it.  It took only about 5 minutes.   It was a much easier process then I thought it would be.  She told me to lay there for 10 minutes and stayed with us during this time.

When she left I got up, put my clothes on, and we were finished.   I then went out into the lobby and spoke to a nurse.   She gave me the forms I needed to get my progesterone suppository as well as my order for my beta 14 days later.   We left feeling more hope then we had felt in months.  We really hoped that this would be our month.


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