Our First IUI: Part Five-Beta Results

Waiting to test after our first IUI was one of the longest waits I’ve ever had.   For the 14 days post IUI I had to take a progesterone suppository which was not much fun. I won’t lie, they leak and are just overall not pleasant.

My beta test was 14 days after our IUI.   I knew there was no way I could wait for a blood test and that I was going to take a home test when I was 12 days post IUI.  On the 12th day I nervously ran into the bathroom and took the test.  I was so nervous I couldn’t look.

When I finally did look I saw….one line.   Negative.   I wasn’t pregnant.   I ran into the bedroom and started crying.   My husband didn’t know what was wrong and when I finally told him he felt so bad.   After taking the medications, giving the shots, and the IUI we still weren’t pregnant.  To make matters worse it was still 2 days until my beta test so I had to keep taking the progesterone.

Negative Pregnancy Test

Two days later I went to the hospital and got the blood test. My nurse called me later that day and told me she was sorry but the results were negative.  She told me to stop taking the progesterone and let my period come.  She then asked if we were going to do another cycle.   I told her we were and she told me she’d put in my medication order and we’d try it again.

It was hard to hear that we weren’t having a baby and we would have to try again.   I wasn’t sure how many more cycles we could go on doing this.  It’s not only physically draining, it’s emotionally draining as well.


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