Our Second IUI: Monitoring and Meds

After the disappointment of our first failed IUI cycle, there wasn’t much time to stay down as our next cycle began several days later.   Again I went for cycle day 3 monitoring.   The RE who was monitoring me was a little concerned because I had a cyst on my right ovary and he saw a shadow behind my uterus.

However, it all turned out well.   My doctor called around 3 that day and told me to start my Clomid that night.   We did the same protocol as the month before.   I did 5 days of Clomid, took 1 day off, then started a shot of Bravelle the next day.   After my Bravelle shot I had monitoring.   This time I had 4 follicles all measuring between 12-14mm. I was a little surprised by this and a little concerned.   I was worried that they all might fertilize even though I knew the chance of that was very small.

Bravelle shots

I took another shot of Bravelle the next day and went back for monitoring.   This is where things went bad.   My follicles all looked good, between 14-17mm, but somehow my blood work didn’t get sent to my primary RE.   I called around 4:00 and they said they never got it.

The next day I called the place I monitor and it took until about noon for them to get the results over to the RE.   I got a call from my nurse at 1:00 telling me my levels were elevated and I wouldn’t need a trigger shot.  They said I was probably ovulating that day and I needed to come in for the IUI that day.

I was pretty upset about this.  I was at work when I got the call and my RE’s office is 2 hours away.   I knew there was no way I could get someone to cover for me, drive home, get my husband, and make it to the doctor by 4.  I sadly told the nurse we wouldn’t be able to make it.   She suggested we do timed intercourse that night and again in the morning.

I went home pretty sad that night.   All that money on medications and monitoring and we had to leave this one up to timed intercourse.


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