Our Second IUI: Cancelled (+beta)

As I said in my last post our second IUI was cancelled due to my high levels and not being able to get to the doctors in time.   That meant we had to have timed intercourse that night and the next morning.   I told my husband who was also surprised that we had no chance of doing the IUI this month.

That night we dutifully did what we needed to do but the morning was different.   Have you ever been almost forced to “do the deed”?   It’s not nearly as much fun as doing it spontaneously.   We did what we needed to do and went on about our day.

I again had to use the progesterone suppositories for the next 14 days.   Again, 12 days after ovulating I took a pregnancy test.   It was negative.   I didn’t cry this time but I was discouraged.   We had 4 follicles this time and if we couldn’t get pregnant with 4 eggs up there, how would we ever get pregnant?

Two days later I went for my beta.   As expected, my nurse called me with the bad news that my test was negative.   She then asked if I wanted to do another round of IUI or talk about something else.   Since my insurance required me to do 3 IUI’s before moving on I told her that we would be moving right on to our third IUI attempt.   Apparently the timed intercourse counted as an IUI cycle because we took all the medication and were monitored.

I hung up hoping that maybe the third time really was a charm.


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