Our Third IUI: Monitoring and Bloodwork

After our second failed medicated cycle I was feeling very discouraged.   I think my husband was too.   After trying for a year without success we figured this would be what got us pregnant.   Apparently we were wrong.  We were going to give the IUI process one more shot before moving on to IVF.   I’m not sure my husband or I were really ready for IVF but with the summer coming up it was the best time.


We went to our first monitoring appointment and the doctor told me everything looked good.   I got the call that night to go ahead and start my Clomid.   I never had any problems on Clomid before but this time I did have a side effect.   On the third day of taking it I was cleaning my room when suddenly I started sweating profusely.   I took my shirt off and continued cleaning in my bra.  A few minutes later I couldn’t handle it anymore and took my pants off too.

I was cleaning in my bra and panties wondering what in the world was going on.   I am almost never hot and here I was dripping sweat at the end of April!  It suddenly dawned on me that I took my Clomid around 5 instead of at 9 before bed when I usually took it.  I was having hot flashes.   I guess I never had them before I always took it before bed.   I knew now to only take it before bed.

After my 5 days of Clomid I took one shot of Bravelle.  The next day I went in for monitoring.  I had three beautiful follicles and one large cyst on my right ovary.   The monitoring RE was concerned about the cyst but I got a phone call that night telling me everything was ok and to go ahead and do a double dose of Bravelle the next night.

Let me tell you, a double dose of Bravelle burns a bit.   I didn’t like having to do that but it was for the greater good (I hoped).   The next morning I went to monitoring and all 3 of my follicles were between 16-18mm.   I got the call to go ahead and trigger that night.

I set myself up with the Ovidrel and pushed it into my stomach, no problems.   In 2 more days we’d try our third IUI.   Fingers crossed this was it!


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