Our Third IUI: The procedure

The day of our third iUI was similar to the first.   Our drop off appointment was 8:30 and the IUI would be at 10.  I got the car packed up and got myself dressed.   My husband had to produce his specimen and we were on our way.

We got down to the RE just shy of 2 hours.  I rushed to the desk with the specimen but they told me to have a seat.  Several minutes later I was called to give the specimen.   After dropping it off we went to a local grocery store that has amazing food and had some breakfast.

I was really nervous when we got back to the office.  I really hoped that my doctor would be the one doing the procedure but when we were called back it was the nurse practitioner who was in the room when we went back.  She check our sample against our paperwork, gave us the number (18 million sperm), and told me to get ready.

I got up on the table with tears in my eyes.   I was scared because I wanted it to work so badly.  My husband sat next to me holding my hand.  When the nurse practitioner came back in she was chatting with us.   She got me set up and plunged the catheter.   She told us to sit for 5-10 minutes and then I could get dressed.

I ended up waiting 15 minutes because of how nervous I was.   I wanted it to work so badly.  I finally got dressed and walked out.   The nurse grabbed me and gave me my prescription for my progesterone suppositories.   We walked out of the office feeling more nervous then the first time we went through this.


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