Our Third IUI: symptoms and beta

The week after our third IUI I felt nothing.   I didn’t have any symptoms of my period or of pregnancy.   As the days went on I noticed that my breasts were starting to get sore.   I took this as a good sign that this was it, we were going to have a positive beta.

Around 10 days post IUI I started getting a headache as well.  This was a newer symptom and I wasn’t sure what to make of it.  I was still on progesterone so I knew my period wasn’t coming without me stopping it and it rarely gave me a headache.  Things were really starting to look up.

On the day of my beta I freaked out a bit and decided to take a home pregnancy test.  Nothing fancy, just one of the many Wondfo strips that I keep on hand.   I took the test then jumped backed into bed.   I told my husband I was too scared to look.  He held my hand and told me that it was fine and whatever it said we would be ok.

I walked nervously into the bathroom.  When I looked at the strip….it was stark white.   Not even a hint of a line.  I was devastated.   I crawled back into bed and just stared at the ceiling.  My husband knew what this meant and simply held me.  He told me maybe it was too early and to wait for the beta but I knew the truth.  I wasn’t pregnant…again.

That morning I went in for my blood draw.   I didn’t say much to the people there.   At noon my nurse called me and told me she was sorry but I wasn’t pregnant.  I told her I already knew and it was fine.  She then asked what my next step was going to be.  We decided we needed to come in and talk to the doctor before making that decision.


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