The “What’s Next?” Appointment

I made an appointment with my RE the week after my negative test.   I was at the end of my period which was important if we decided to start IVF.  We walked dejectedly into his office and sat.  He explained to us that since we had unexplained infertility and did 3 rounds of Clomid with Bravelle injections the chances of us getting pregnant with another IUI was 5% or less.

That was really hard to hear.   The RE was pretty much telling us our only hope was IVF.   While I was ready to jump in and do it, my husband had reservations.   We discussed the process with the RE and after hearing all about it we decided the best time to do it was during the summer since I didn’t have to work.

IVF success rates

My RE explained that I would start on birth control pills the next day.  How ironic; it was 2 years ago that month that I had gotten off birth control and now I was being put back on.   He told me that I may be on it for more then 3 weeks because they were not only regulating my body, they were trying to shrink the cyst on my ovary as well.  I was fine with that because I had another problem to deal with.

On July 1 my insurance was changing.   This meant the financial coordinator had to get all my verifications done all over again in hopes of us starting the IVF cycle the 2nd week of July.   I wasn’t real hopeful that was going to happen since the first time it took almost 30 days to get everything verified.   She told me that I needed to call in with my new ID number July 1 and she’d put it through right away.

I also needed to schedule a mock transfer so they could check out my uterus.   We made the appointment for July 9.  If all went well I would start my stims the next week.  The RE also asked if I wanted to get the medications now or wait until later.   Since I couldn’t see any point in waiting, I told him to go ahead and get me the prescription now.   When he handed the copy to me I about passed out.  There was a list of at least 10 items on the prescription.   He told me that once my mock transfer was ok, he’d send me a protocol and my nurse would call and go over it in detail with me.

I went home and filled my birth control prescription.  I’ll be honest.   I had forgotten how to use them and had to look it up on the Internet.   The next day I took my first pill and our IVF journey had begun.


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