IVF Medications

As promised my nurse ordered my IVF medications for me.   I had to get them through my insurance companies fertility pharmacy.  They gave me a call in mid-June and asked when I needed the medication.  Knowing I only had this insurance until June 30th, I requested to have them delivered June 28th.

They then wanted to go over all of the medications with me.   When they started talking I realized I had next to no idea about most of the medications.  All I knew is that it sounded like a lot.   There were 2 different pills, at least 5 different medications, 1 suppository, 3 different needle sizes, a red sharps container, alcohol swabs, and more.  To say I was overwhelmed would be an understatement.

Since I knew my nurse ordered me what I needed I said ok.  They told me that they didn’t know my total yet but if I wanted to give them a credit card and set a limit, they would only call me if it was over that limit.  I wasn’t sure what to say, but I hoped insurance was paying for most and gave them a $350 limit.   They thanked me and hung up.  I never received a call so I figured the amount was less then that.

IVF Medications

My insurance came through before the actual medications did.  In total, my bill was over $5,000 for the medications.  I also threw up….seriously.   With insurance my balance was only about $200, which was great, but I was still sick by the fact that I would have to put $5,000 worth of medication in my body in a very short amount of time.

When the medications arrived on the promised day I simply stared at them.  My husband asked what the package was and when I told him he didn’t say a word.  We both just stared at the box.   Finally I unpacked it onto my table.   Are you wondering what $5,000 in medication looks like?   It looks like this.

Are you wondering exactly what I received?   I’ll be happy to list it for you along with how much it cost.

1 bottle of 10,000 units of Novarel (Trigger shot)-$88.90

6 packages of Gonal-F with 450 IU’s and 5 syringes -$444.00/each

20 vials of Menopur 75 IU’s-$73.90/5 vials

5 Ganirelix 250 mcg shots -$144.90/each

15- 3ml 22G 1 1/2″ syringes

15 -30G 1/2″ needles

1-3ml 22G 1 1/2″ needle and syringe

1 hospital sharps container

100 alcohol swabs

2 Azithromycin 500mg tablets (antibiotic for retrieval)

60 Estradiol 2mg tablets (for after retrieval)

3 boxes of Endometrin 100mg suppositories (60 per box)-$5.39/box

1 (14 day) Lupron kit-$149.99

So yeah.   If you are getting ready to go through IVF don’t panic.  It’s a lot of medications and as I said before I hate shots, but it looked like I was going to be giving myself multiple shots per day.  In order to prepare, my husband and I looked over the info we received from the RE and then started watching the training videos online.   We were doing this.   It was real.  IVF was now our only shot.


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