Hysteroscopy Part 1

Now that I knew I was having a hysteroscopy that wait was on.   I was a little nervous about it and wasn’t sure whether or not to tell my parents.  I’m pretty sure they know we are having difficulty getting pregnant but they have no idea we’ve done IUI’s and were going to IVF.   My husband wanted me to tell them because he was worried about me going under anesthesia.   I didn’t want to tell them because they would just worry.

When the phone call came they told me they had a spot free at one of the offices on Sunday.  Unfortunately we were going out of town for the weekend and there was no way to cancel.  I apologized and they told me it was no problem but that I would have to go back on the bottom of the list.

The next phone call came almost a week later.   I was told that they had an opening in 2 days but it was at an office 2 1/2 hours away.  I asked my husband about it and since he knew the area we decided to go for it.   I also decided not to tell my parents and hoped that everything would be fine.

When we arrived at the RE’s we went into the large building and up to the 5th floor.   I tried checking in there but was told that the surgery unit was back down on the first floor.   SO back down we went.  I checked in there and the nurse told me someone would be with me in a few minutes.

My husband wanted to look for somewhere to get coffee so I told him to go ahead that I would be there waiting when he came back.  Unfortunately as soon as he left they called me back.   The surgery unit was not what I was expecting.  It was only for the fertility patients and it was small.  Actually it was one large room with 5 curtained off areas where the patients were.   There was a door to the left which I was told was the operating room.


Before I could get settled in the nurse handed me a cup and told me I had to give them a urine sample.   Since I had just driven 2 1/2 hours to get there I immediately used the bathroom when I arrived.   I told the nurse and she smiled but told me I had to put something in the cup.  I went to the bathroom and managed to give a very small sample. As I headed for my cubicle I began to panic.  My husband wasn’t back yet and they wanted me to change into my gown.  I wasn’t ready and I needed him with me.

Luckily, he came just as they were shutting the curtain.   He helped me slip into the gown and the booties they gave me to cover my feet.  Then I lay down on the bed and he covered me up.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever been that nervous.

The first person that came in was a nurse.  She introduced herself and told us all about the procedure.   She said I would get anesthesia, go into the operating room, and the doctor would remove my polyps.  It would take 20-30 minutes.  Then I would come back out, wake up, and before I left I had to get out of bed, walk, and eat something.

She also gave us a bunch of papers to read over and sign.  Some of the side effects were scary but I just wanted it over with.  Soon after the anesthesiologist came in.  He introduced himself and told me what he was going to do.  He put the IV in my arm and started a saline drip.  He asked if I had any other questions.  Then he sent in the doctor.

The doctor was not one I’d met before.  He introduced himself and explained the procedure to me.  He asked if there were any other questions and then told me to give him a few minutes and we’d be ready to go.   Five minutes later the nurse came to get me.   She told my husband he had to go back to the waiting room until I was finished then she’d bring him back in. I didn’t like that at all.

Then I got up, my IV trailing behind me, and walked into the operating room.  Once in the room they had me lie down on a bed.  As I lay there they had me put my legs in these leg holders so that everything was on display.   The anesthesiologist came back and told me he was going to inject the anesthesia.   The last thing I remember was them putting an oxygen mask over my face.


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