Hysteroscopy: The Aftermath

On the drive home from the hysteroscopy I went in and out of sleep.  At one point my husband asked if I was ok and if I needed anything.  I told him I was hungry and I wanted soup and salad.

We pulled into a restaurant one hour away from home and got soup and salad.  It tasted amazing.   I was so happy to have something in my belly and when we got back to the car I instantly fell asleep.

Infertility 1

When we arrived home my husband woke me up and got me into the house.   I crawled into bed and told him I needed to sleep.  He had to run out for an hour so I hoped to sleep.   While laying down I was incredibly dizzy.  It was making me totally sick.

I ran into the bathroom and kneeled in front of the toilet.  I dry heaved several times before the soup and salad came up.  It wasn’t good.   As I was heaving, my stomach was hurting so badly.  After I was finished I stood up and checked how I was doing.  I was now bleeding more then before.  I grabbed one of my pain pills and climbed back into bed.

I grabbed another heat pack and put it on my stomach.  I quickly fell asleep and stayed that way until my husband came home.  I told him I was sick while he was gone and he felt horrible.   I ended up staying in bed the rest of the day.

The next day I felt better.  I still had to relax and take it easy and I was still spotting pretty good.  I need to take my pain pills twice during the day.  The third day I was feeling fine.   I didn’t go to aerobics but I was only spotting a tiny bit and did not need any pain pills.  I was ready to start my IVF cycle.


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