IVF #1 Part One

After recovering from the hysteroscopy I made an appointment for my pre-IVF ultrasound.   It was scheduled for the Friday before my birthday .   They were hoping my levels were good and that my cyst was gone or had shrunk.

I went in for my appointment as scheduled.  I had bloodwork done and the ultrasound.   I was told that the cyst was still there but that it had shrunk.  If my levels looked ok I would take my last pill that night and then call the RE as soon as I got my period.

I got the call around 3.   My bloodwork looked good and it was time to start my IVF cycle.  I took my last pill and hoped my period would start soon.  As it happened, it came on Monday, the day before my birthday.   I called into the RE and my nurse went over my protocol with me one more time.   My medications were to start the next day…on my birthday.

The next day I woke up bright and early.   I took a few deep breaths and went to get my medication.   I needed to take 75iu’s of Menopur and 150iu’s of Gonal-F.   The Gonal F was easy because I didn’t have to mix it up.  It was ready but in a 450iu bottle so I had to make sure I didn’t spill any.


I watched my videos each one more time.  Then I read over the step by step instructions.   I took my ice pack into the bathroom along with 2 syringes, 2 needles, 3 bottles of medication, 2 alcohol swabs and a band-aid.  I mixed the Menopur and set it on the sink while I took the ice pack off of my stomach.

I hear dthat the Menopur was the one that would burn and it lived up to that claim.   I cleaned the area, let it dry 1 minute, and plunged the needle into my stomach.  That part didn’t hurt.   However, when I went to dispense the medication I couldn’t get it to come out.   When it finally did come out it was super slow and it burned.   It actually brought tears to my eyes.   I put it down and looked at the Gonal-F in fear.

I swabbed the area again and pushed in the needle.  It didn’t hurt at all and the medication went in easily.   It didn’t hurt at all.   It was a piece of cake.  Twelve hours later I repeated the doses with the same results.  I was struggling with the Menopur but the Gonal-F was easy.  I was hoping the Menopur would get easier as time went on.  Day one of stims was over.


7 thoughts on “IVF #1 Part One

  1. g2the4thpower

    Try mixing menopur and letting it sit for a while (at least 5 mins)… Then hold the vial up to light while you give it a whirl to see if the crystals have all disappeared. I found this makes the injection not burn. Also shouldn’t need to ice. Good luck with your cycle! Xx


    1. 26rainbow Post author

      Good luck with your cycle! I’m actually just telling where I’ve been so my IVF cycle was in August but I’m planning on doing another one after the beginning of the new year. I wish you so much luck this cycle. Is it your first IVF cycle?



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