IVF #1 The second Ultrasound

Saturday I took the same doses of Menopur and Gonal-F.    Sunday morning I had to get up at 5am since my appointment was at 8:00 and over 2 hours away.  I got ready quickly and headed down.

Now let me be honest.  This office is in one of the largest metropolitan cities in the United States so during the week it’s crazy to get there.   The only day of the week it isn’t bad is Sunday and I was lucky enough to go there on Sunday.   I was by myself because my husband had to work in the morning but it only took me 2 hours 10 minutes to get there.

I pulled into the parking lot and hurried inside, hoping they would take me early.  There were several girls in front of me but it wasn’t crowded.  I was quickly called for bloodwork.  The tech was a little rough and left my arm bruised which wasn’t cool.   It hurt and I was upset since I had to see my family that day and they didn’t know I was doing treatment.

About 15 minutes later they put me in an ultrasound room.  The tech came in and asked me a few questions.  She told me my uterine lining looked good and then looked at my left ovary.   She saw 5 follicles, most around 9 or 10mm but one at 12 mm.   She then started looking for my right ovary but was having a hard time.   She actually had to forgo the internal ultrasound and get the belly ultrasound out to find it.   She saw the large cyst and 5 follicles.  Again 4 follicles were between 8-11mm and one was at 12mm.  She told me everything looked good and a nurse would call me that night.

I left the doctors and ran to the nearest supermarket to get some food for my trip home.  While there my mom called me to tell me I was to be at my family’s at 12, not 1.  I told her there was no way as my husband was working so we’d be there at 1.   Secretly I was freaking out.   It was after 9, I was 2 hours from home and we still had over an hour’s drive to my family’s.   I was hoping I’d make it by 1!

This was one of the most stressful days of my whole cycle.  I made it home around 11:30 and we made it to my family’s around 1.  I was exhausted and not feeling good.  The temperature was around 80 but I had a 3/4 length shirt on to hide my bruised arm.   My stomach hurt and I wasn’t feeling like being there but the day was fine.

On the car ride home the nurse called.   I was getting close to retrieval and I was reacting to the meds wonderfully. The wanted me to go to 225 iu’s of Gonal-F but the Menopur would stay the same.   She wanted me to get another ultrasound in the morning which was a problem since my monitoring office wasn’t open on Sundays so I couldn’t call ahead of time.  I told her I would do it and would talk to her again tomorrow.

The good news was that I had gotten larger needles in the mail Saturday evening and was planning on trying them with my Menopur that night to see if it went in easier.    I was exhausted from my 7 hours of driving and needed to drive an hour each way the next day to my monitoring appointment.


4 thoughts on “IVF #1 The second Ultrasound

    1. 26rainbow Post author

      I went to Shady Grove for my IVF. It’s one of the biggest IF clinics in the US. However, I have since changed to a much smaller clinic but it’s an hour closer for me.



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