IVF #1: The Third Ultrasound

Monday morning I left my house at 7:30 headed to the RE’s office where I monitor.  I had no idea whether or not they could take me but I figured I’d call at 8 when they open and hope they could take me between 8:30-9 when I got there.

They answered at 8 and I explained that I needed another ultrasound and bloodwork.  They said to just head in whenever I got to town and they would take me when I got there.  I thanked them a million times and continued my drive to the office.

There was hardly anyone in the office so I was seen right away.   The doctor said that my uterine lining was looking good and that he could see 6 follicles on one side and 5 on the other.  It looked like the biggest one was just over 13mm.  He told me that everything was progressing well and that the number of follicles was great.

After my appointment I decided to get a cup of coffee before heading home.   When I got home my nurse called and told me the my levels looked great and the ultrasound went well.   They wanted to see me again on Wednesday and I had to go to their office, not the RE’s office that was closer since it would be close to my trigger date.


My nurse also told me it was time to start taking the Ganirelix.  This was apparently to keep my LH levels down since so many follicles were growing.  It would allow my eggs to mature without me ovulating early.

That night I took my Menopur and Gonal-F.  Then it was time for the Ganirelix.   This was a pre-filled syringe so it was easy to take.   Since I hadn’t used it before I wasn’t sure whether or not it would hurt.  The needle was super tiny though and after my other shots this one turned out to be the easiest one yet!


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