IVF #1 Ultrasound 4 & 5

My doses of Menpur, Gonal-F, and Ganirelix were the same on Tuesday.   I had to go back to the RE’s office on Wednesday.  It was a two hour drive so my husband and I made plans to eat lunch after my appointment.

We got down there around 9 and my doctor was available to see me.  He came in and took a took.  He said that he now saw 6 follicles on each side, the largest one being 15.  He said things were progressing nicely.  My uterine lining looked good as well.

The RE said he would have to check the blood work but chances were I’d have to come back again tomorrow.   I looked at him and asked if that was necessary.  He said my nurse would call and let me know.

When the nurse called that evening she told me I did indeed have to come back the next day and probably Friday as well.  I asked her if she thought we should get a hotel and she said if we didn’t want to drive the 4 hours round trip the next two days then we should. She also decreased my Gonal-F dose down to 185 IU’s.

That night I packed a bag and booked a hotel.  My husband packed his bag as well.   I had an extra bag just for all of my medications.   My husband called a friend to see if he would be in town and the friend invited us over to dinner the next night.

We arrived at the RE’s office around 9 again (after a 2 hour drive).   They checked my blood and gave me another ultrasound.   This time my lead follicle was over 16 and the tech said it looked like I might be able to trigger tomorrow but that I would have to come back again tomorrow.

Since we had the hotel we went there.  It was only around 11am, but after explaining our situation they let us check in early.  We quickly put on our bathing suits and headed for the pool.  We swam for about an hour then got out and got dressed.

We spent the afternoon having lunch and then shopping at the mall.   My nurse called that afternoon and told me I was really close and to keep the same doses.  I told her if I had to take Ganirelix again tomorrow I was going to be in trouble because I only had enough for that night.  She assured me they could give me an extra one tomorrow.

That night we went to my husband’s friends house.   They were so nice and it was great to hang out with some friends.  It took my mind off of the whole stressful IVF process.  I ate a lot of food which ended up putting some added stress on stomach which in turn hurt my stomach a bit.

I haven’t talked about it much but by this time I felt huge.   My stomach was bulging out and I felt full all the time.   I couldn’t exercise because of the fullness of my ovaries.  I know it’s only 2 weeks of time, but the time passed slowly.  I counted the time not in days but in shots.   I was excited to know that tomorrow might be my last day of injections!


One thought on “IVF #1 Ultrasound 4 & 5

  1. g2the4thpower

    With ivf, suddenly there are thousands of hours to a day… No longer 24! I found with this round (my 2nd), I got through it more easily than with my first because I was so busy with life stuff that I didn’t have time for Dr. Google or anything else. I guess I also knew what the process was so it occupied less space in my head. Your numbers are looking great! Good luck with your retrieval!



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