IVF #1 Ultrasound 6 + Trigger Shot

We woke up the next morning in the hotel.   My appointment wasn’t until 9am so we went down to the lobby of the hotel and had a nice breakfast.   We were able to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day.   Too quickly our time was up and we loaded up the car.

We drove the mile to the RE’s office and walked in.   I was immediately taken back to have my blood drawn.  Then we went back to get the ultrasound.  My husband had never been in an ultrasound with me before so he came back this time.  My RE was in the office that day so he came in with the tech.

They looked around and saw 13 follicles that day.  The largest one was just over 17mm.   My lining looked good as well.  My husband was really surprised by all of the follicles and just seeing them on the screen.

The RE told me that everything looked good and as long as my blood work came back the way he wanted it to I would be triggering that night with egg retrieval on Sunday.  I looked at my husband with a mixture of fear and relief.  I couldn’t wait to get through this process.

Before we left we had to meet with the IVF nurse.   She walked us through the procedure again and had us sign off on a bunch of paperwork.  She then handed us a brown back with a collection cup as well as my instructions for the trigger and the day of the retrieval.  We walked out hoping for the best.

That day was a really long day.   My nurse didn’t call until 4pm.  She said that everything looked good and that I would trigger that night at 11:30pm.  That seemed super late but it needed to be at that time for a 10:30am retrieval on Sunday.


That night my husband and I had a hard time staying awake.  When it was time to trigger I freaked out at the size of the needle.   It was huge compared to the ones I’d been using.   I mixed the Novarel and was a little scared by the dosage.

My husband came towards me with the needle and I freaked out.   I couldn’t do it.   I started panicking and he told me I had to.  After a lot of back and forth I switched the needle to a 1 inch instead of a 1 1/2 inch.   I hoped for the best and the needle went in.  I felt the medication going in but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the Menopur.

We went to sleep that night without problem.  I knew it was only 2 days until the retrieval and I was more then ready for it.


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