IVF #1 Egg Retrieval Part 2

I walked into the operating room and was directed to the surgical table.  I lay down and they told me to put my legs up in these sturdy leg holders.  As I lay there they starting tying my legs to the holders and I started panicking.  The anesthesiologist told me to relax that they had to tie my legs so I wouldn’t move during the surgery.   Then the doctor walked in and that’s the last thing I remember.

I woke up in the room very groggy.  My husband grabbed my hand and asked if I was ok.   I’m not sure what I said but I made some kind of joke and he laughed.   My stomach was hurting a lot as I came out of the anesthesia.   I started rubbing my belly and a nurse came in with a heating pack.   She told me to put it on my abdomen and then asked how I was doing.  I told her I was ok but my stomach hurt.  She assured me that was normal.

My husband and I had about 10 minutes to ourselves while I fully woke up.   Then the nurse came back in.  She told me I was the over achiever of the day.   When I looked confused she told me that they had retrieved 22 eggs!   They wouldn’t be able to tell me how many were mature but she told me that was a great number.

She then asked if I’d like a gingerale or water and I took the gingerale.   The nurse handed my husband a bag with crackers in it.   I was still not feeling very well so my sweet husband fed me the crackers and handed me the gingerale to sip.   After another 20 minutes a different nurse came in and took all my vitals.   She said I was looking good but they wanted me to wait another 20 minutes before I could leave.

I lay there talking to my husband while we waited.  I was excited by the number of eggs retrieved.   I wasn’t fully awake and kept going in and out of sleep.   Finally the nurse came back, checked my vitals again and told me if I could walk to the bathroom and back I could leave.

I got up, was a little dizzy, but managed to walk up and back.   The nurse then went over my discharge papers with me.  She told me my husband had my painkillers and I needed to start taking my estrogen and progesterone that evening.  She also told me that I should drink some Gatorade to get my electrolytes.  I told her I understood and she signed me out.


I walked very slowly out of the office.   I was in a moderate amount of pain.   My husband got the car and we started the 2 hour drive home.  It was a long ride though I slept for part of it.   When we got home I put another heat patch on and lay in bed for a while.

Later that evening my nurse called and told me that 17 of the eggs retrieved were mature and that she would call tomorrow to let me know how many fertilized.  She also asked how I was doing.  I let her know that I was sore but ok.  She told me to keep plenty of fluids in me for the next few days to help me out.  I thanked her and hung up.


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