IVF #1 Fertility Report

The next day I was super nervous.   I couldn’t wait to hear how many of my eggs fertilized.   I’m not sure if I said before or not but we used ICSI (Intra-cytoplasmic sperm insemination) to improve our chances since we are unexplained infertility.   This is simply where 1 sperm is inserted into each egg.

I finally got the call around 2pm.   My nurse told me she had a great fertility report.   10 of my 17 eggs fertilized which was really great.   I was super excited and couldn’t wait to tell my husband.   I then asked when I would know about my egg transfer and she said she’d call back again tomorrow and let me know where we were.

The next day was torture as well.   When the phone rang I sprang for it but saw it wasn’t my nurses number.  When I answered it was the RE himself.   He said he wanted to tell me that 9 of my embryos had survived and we were looking at a 5 day transfer on Friday.   He told me this was great news and asked if I had any questions.

I didn’t really have any so I just asked if there was anything I needed to do or know.  He told me that they would choose the best embryo and put it in.  He let me know it was a lot like an IUI so it wouldn’t take long and I’d be able to walk out and do whatever I needed to.

The RE then asked how I was feeling.  I admitted I was still very tender in my mid-section and he said that was normal but should go away by the transfer day.  I then asked him about freezing my embryos.   Originally we weren’t going to do it because we pay that OOP and it’s $2,000 at our office.  He told me I could call the financial planner and talk about it with her.


I spoke with my husband that night about possibly freezing our embryos.  He was all for it so I wouldn’t have to go through the retrieval surgery again.   I decided to call the financial planner the next day.   I was really starting to get excited.


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