IVF #1: Financial Planner/Freezing our Embryos

The next day I called the financial planner at my RE’s office.   I told her that we had 9 embryos and we decided we wanted to freeze them even though the transfer was in 2 days.   She told me she thought that was a good idea and she’d get the billing paperwork to me.  I then told her that I knew we could qualify for a discount and I knew we were supposed to do the paperwork 3 weeks prior to the transfer.  I asked if there was anything she could do.

She immediately e-mailed me 7 pages of forms.  She said she needed our tax returns from the last 2 years.  She also told me I had to get everything in within the next 2 hours because the woman who approves them was leaving for vacation at noon.

Cue the panic button.  I hung up with her and ran to get my husband.  I told him to print our the tax returns while I filled out the forms.  The next hour was a whirlwind but we got everything filled out, printed, and signed.   I then spend 25 minutes scanning everything to send to the financial planner.

We waited on pins and needles for the next 2 hours.  I was afraid we had been too late.   I wasn’t sure how much of a discount we could get because we were JUST under the limit for infertility coverage but anything was better then $2000.

I got an e-mail around 1:30 that day.   It was a congratulations note.   We were approved for a 25% discount on any infertility treatments at the RE’s office over the next year.  This was only for services not covered at all by our insurance.  That meant instead of $2000 we would only be paying $1500.  I was thrilled!  Plus, it was less then 2 days until our transfer.


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