IVF #1 Egg Transfer

The night before our egg transfer we drove down to the town where the transfer would be done. We were both very nervous so we decided to check out the town.  We found a hole in the wall authentic Chinese restaurant that had amazing food.   We ate a ton and then headed back to the hotel.

Once back at the hotel we took a dip in the pool.  The heater wasn’t working right so it was chilly but it was a good way to relax.   After taking a swim we went back to the room and tried to sleep.  Tried being the operative word.   Neither one of us had much success knowing that the transfer would happen in the morning.

In the morning I walked with my husband to the hotel breakfast.   I wasn’t allowed to eat but I went to sit with him because I didn’t want to be alone.  He ate and then we went back to the room.   We packed up our things and then my husband produced his sample.  The RE’s office was right next door so we arrived a minute later.

We walked up to the top floor, which is where we were for the retrieval.  After several minutes they called us back.   My husband and I were asked to put on booties and then we were taken back to the room.

Once in the room the nurse and our RE came in.   He told us only 3 embryos had made it.   I was pretty upset since there were 9 at last count.   He told us one was great quality and the other two were just ok.   He didn’t think they would survive a freeze.   We told him we wanted to transfer the great quality one and we wouldn’t even try to freeze the other two.

He walked out of the room and a minute later the TV screen turned on.   Another minute later our embryo showed up on the screen.   I started getting teary and grabbed my husband’s hand.  We rested a few minutes and then I was told to get on the table.

The RE came back in with the embryologist.   They went over who we were, our birth dates, showed us the labels from the embryo, and went over a few more details.   Then I lay back and they put the ultrasound wand on my stomach.

I could see my uterus on the screen.  The embryologist walked back in with the catheter that contained our embryo.   She walked over and together she and the RE put it in.  When they did the transfer I actually saw the flash of light!   My husband missed it but it was something really cool to see.   I started crying again because I couldn’t believe it was all real.

Afterward the RE told me to lay down for 5-10 minutes and then I could go home.   I lay there on the table holding my husbands hand for 10 minutes.   We then got up, I got dressed, and we walked out.

On the ride home we were both pretty quiet.  I knew it was going to be a long 14 days before the beta test. I was holding out hope that this would be our little miracle.



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