IVF #1: The Two Week Wait

The two week wait is always difficult.  I analyze every single symptom I have.  My head hurts…I might be pregnant.   My stomach hurts…I might be pregnant.   My temperature is steady…I might be pregnant.

The two week wait after IVF was a little different.  I was worse, much worse, because I was freaking out that we just spent a lot of time and money doing something that wouldn’t work.  It was also worse because in the entire 2 weeks I didn’t have a single symptom.

I’ve never had a TWW without symptoms but this was one time I didn’t have any.   I never got a headache.  I never had cramping.  My temperature was all over the place.   I felt absolutely nothing and it freaked me out.   I didn’t know what to think.

During the TWW I had trouble concentrating on anything else.  I wanted so badly to be pregnant but without any symptoms my hopes were low.   I’d lay in bed at night and my husband would try to be positive and think happy thoughts but it was hard.   After trying for so long and being so unsuccessful, I couldn’t imagine actually getting pregnant.

With every other cycle I took a HPT around 10dpo.   This time around I took one at 5 days post transfer and it was a BFN.   I was a little upset but knew it was still early.   I couldn’t handle taking another one so I waited not so patiently for the first beta result.


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