Appointment with the new RE

On December 12th we met with the “new” RE.   We went into his office and he sat down with our records.  I also handed him the records from our other RE’s office.  Since he knew most of our history he briefly looked over the records, asked us a few questions, and then asked us where we wanted to go from there.

We told him that we were probably looking at another round of IVF but I wanted to know if it was possible that since the polyps were removed from my uterus after my IUI’s if another IUI would be worth it.   He said that since we only actually did 2 IUI’s previously and 1 timed intercourse that he thought it would be worth a try.  He suggested that we do 1 or 2 IUI’s then move onto IVF in April when they would next be cycling.

We then discussed protocols.  He said that I reacted well to all the medications given in the past and said we could do just injectibles, do medication plus injections, or just medication.  He said he’d like to try just medication if that was ok.  I said that sounded good as I was tired of giving myself shots.

Since I had done Clomid previously he suggested Letrozole which is a generic form of Femara.   I said that was fine.  After talking about our IUI plans, he wanted me to go and see the nurse manager to discuss our IVF plans. Then he took me back to do a quick ultrasound.

Once on the table it was back to normal.  He checked my uterus, said it looked good, and then looked at my ovaries.  He was pleasantly surprised and happy to tell me that the large cyst I’d had for the last 9 months was gone!  That was great news to hear.    When I got off the table he told me everything looked good and I wouldn’t have to come back for a day 3 ultrasound because it would only be in a week or 2.

I thanked him and went to meet with the nurse manager.  When we met with her she asked if we had questions or understood IVF.   I told her we’d already done a cycle with another RE office.  She got her calendar and told me that they cycle in batches and I could cycle between the end of January to the end of February or go the end of March to the end of April.  Since we live in the snow belt and I want to try the IUI’s, I told her we would go with April.


When she asked if we had questions I asked how much freezing embryos would be.  At the other RE’s office it cost $1850 which was really expensive.  Here at our new office it only $500!  Can you believe that?  For $500 we’ll freeze embryos even if they are mid-grade embryos.  I was so happy.

I was afraid to ask about FET’s (Frozen embryo transfers).   While we get 3 IVF cycles with our insurance, FET’s are out of pocket.   At the other RE’s office the price of an FET was around $7500 which was too much for us.   When I asked here she told me it averaged around $2800!  Again, so much more manageable.  I was beginning to be very grateful that we had switched.

With that we left the office and I was told to call on day 3 of my next cycle to get my Letrozole prescription.   I would take it cycle days 3-7 then come in for an ultrasound on day 11 or 12.  I left the office feeling pretty good and more then a little excited about the new prices!


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