IUI #4 Letrozole and Ultrasound

I got my period on December 20th.   I tried calling into the RE’s office but they were closed.  I waited until Monday, which was cycle day 3, and talked to the nurse.  She was concerned beccause she thought I needed to come in and see the doctor.  I assured her that he told me I just needed the medication.

She put me on hold and then came back.  She told me that the prescription was already at my pharmacy and I could go pick it up.   I hung up and called my husband.  He said he could pick it up so I could take it whenever I got home.

Initially I was going to take them in the morning but then I remembered how hot the Clomid made me and figured Letrozole would probably be similar.   I took the pills from CD 3 to CD 7.  I didn’t find myself having hot flashes but the pills did make me tired.  I was taking the pills at 8:30 and I was in bed by 9:30 all 5 days which is not the normal for me.  Otherwise I had no side effects.

When I called to get my Day 11 or Day 12 appointment the nurse was a little worried because the clinic was going to be closed on January 1.   I asked if I could come in on December 29 which would be day 10 because I was going to my parents house and it was halfway in between my house and their house.  They agree so I went on that day.

I went to the ultrasound by myself because I was going home myself.   When I got there they called me to go back.  The new RE (not the one I’d been seeing for 9 months) came in and introduced himself.  He performed the ultrasound and found 3 follicles.   2 on the right measuring 20mm and 16mm and one on the left measuring 15mm.  He told me it looked like I was ready to trigger.

I couldn’t believe it.  I’d never ovulated so early.  I always ovulate on cycle day 16-18 so this was a big surprise.  I can only imagine it’s from the Letrozole.  I went into the room with the nurse and she told me I needed to trigger tonight.  Since I was going to my parents I had no medications with me.  They gave me a trigger shot to give to myself that night and told me the pharmacy would call to bill me.  She also told me to schedule my IUI for December 31.  All I could think of was this could be the best New Year’s present ever!

I left feeling some hope and also being scared.   I was totally terrified to give myself a shot at my parents.  They have no idea what we’re going through and I can’t imagine what my mom would think if she walked in on my giving myself a shot in the stomach.  I knew the shot was going to be interesting that night.


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