IUI #4: The Trigger Shot From Hell & the IUI

The night of the trigger shot was a weird one.  I was at my parents house and of course they don’t know I’m going through treatment.  I was already trying to figure out how to sneak an ice pack into my bedroom and then get the ice pack, band-aid, and shot with me to the bathroom.

To add an extra degree of difficulty, my 12 year old cousin was staying over night and decided he wanted to be attached to my hip.  Normally that’s great but when you need to give yourself a shot it’s not so great.  SO I finally got him settled upstairs playing a video game and I went back downstairs.

My mom and I were watching TV.  She got up to use the bathroom.  At that point I sprinted into the kitchen and realized I couldn’t find an ice pack.  With little to no time I filled a glass with ice, grabbed a plastic baggie, and ran up to my room.  I poured most of the ice into the baggie, sealed it, and shoved it under my bed.  I then put some water in the cup and headed back downstairs.  Mission accomplished.

A half hour later I told my mom I was going to get ready for bed.  She said goodnight and I stopped in the downstairs bathroom to grab a band-aid before heading up.   Once in my bedroom I tucked my band-aid, shots, and ice pack into my jammies and headed for the bathroom.  My little cousin met me in the hallway and asked where I was going.  I told him I needed to use the bathroom and get ready for bed.   He smiled and went back to his game.

I got in the bathroom and heard my mom coming up the steps.   She went into the room across from the bathroom and started up the computer.   Great.  Now I had mom in one room and my cousin in the other.

I lay out all my supplies on the counter.  I hadn’t watched a video on shots since August so I was a little rusty and had no way of watching it now.  Of course, I also had the shot that I had to mix myself, not the pre-mixed one I usually got.  I found the alcohol, swabbed the tops of both vials, and got my syringe.

I sucked up the solution, put it in the vial with the powder, and gently swirled it.   Then I looked at the vial.   I couldn’t remember which need to use to get it back up.  As I was panicking slightly a knock sounded at the door.  It was my little cousin wanting to know what was taking so long. I told him I was getting ready for bed and would be out in a few minutes.  He told me to please hurry.  That put me on edge.   I was already having some trouble now he’s outside the door knocking.


I finally figured out what I did wrong and got the medicine into the syringe.  At this point I started running the tap water so it sounded like I was doing something in there.  I put the ice pack on my stomach for about 2 minutes then swabbed the area.   As it was drying and I had the syringe in my hand there was ANOTHER knock at the door.  My little cousin again asked what I was doing and what was taking so long.  Mind you, any other night I sleep there the kid is engrossed in his video games but not tonight.  I told him 2 more minutes and at that point my mom comes out into the hallway and starts talking to him.

So, with both of them outside the door I give myself my trigger, which kind of hurt today.  I quickly cleaned everything up, brushed my teeth, rolled up the syringes in my clothing, and got out of the bathroom.  My cousin was on me the second I got out.  I told him to please wait I had to put my clothes away.  What a day.

The day of New Year’s Eve we had our IUI appointment at 9:00.   My husband and I woke up early as usual and got ready to go.  He produced his sample and we drove the hour to the appointment.   We turned in his sample and were told to come back in 1 hour.

We went out to breakfast and just sat for the hour.  We didn’t talk much.  It had been 4 months since our last treatment cycle and I think we were still in a weird place.  We walked back into the RE’s office hand and hand and waited for our turn.  By this point we were the only people in the waiting room.

They called us back and we went into the room.  A few minutes later the older nurse (she’s in her upper 60’s, maybe even 70) came in.  She’s great and really funny so I’m glad she was the one doing the IUI.  She had us check out the vial and then told my husband he had 62 million swimmers post washing.  The smile on his face was priceless.  That was the most he’s ever had at a treatment and I could tell he was proud.

The nurse had me lay back and explained everything she was doing even though we’d been through this before.  She was in and out in about a minute and then I just lay there for 10 minutes.  She came back in, told us she hoped we were getting a good new year’s present, and then told us we could go.

We went out to a nice lunch that day then headed home.   I had to wait 12 days to do a home pregnancy test.  This office doesn’t do betas for IUI’s.  So the 2 week wait officials begins for IUI #4.


3 thoughts on “IUI #4: The Trigger Shot From Hell & the IUI

  1. heathermstaley2014

    Keep going! I know those last two weeks waiting to test is horrible. I remember times i took a home pregnancy test early hoping it would be positive but knowing it was way too early to be accurate. Tough times. Keep busy and do your best to keep your mind occupied. Thoughts and well wishes!



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