IUI #4: A Bust

The two week wait this cycle seemed to take forever.  I’m not sure why but it did.   Every day I took my temperature and every day I studied my “symptoms”.   In reality, I just worried for the two weeks.

At 11 days post IUI I decided to test.   I almost always get my period 12 days after ovulation so I figured that was the day to do it.   This was on Sunday of this week.  Of course, it was a negative.   I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was.   It still sucked.

Then my period still hadn’t arrived by Wednesday morning which was really odd.  This was 14 days post IUI so I tested again with the same results.   BFN.   Since it was negative again I was really hoping to get my period so we could start our final IUI cycle.   I needed to get it today because we are going out of town on Saturday and won’t be able to do a day 3 ultrasound otherwise which would mean this cycle would not be a treatment cycle.

I finally got the beginning of my cycle yesterday.   I was getting anxious and called the RE right away to schedule my appointment for this IUI.  After talking to them and talking to my husband it looks like we aren’t going to do treatment this cycle.  There are too many days I’m unavailable and can’t go to the RE due to work and travel plans.

So here I am again.  Of course we’ll try naturally this cycle but after 2 years of trying I have absolutely no hope of it actually working.   We’ll then do our last IUI cycle in February.  Then we’ll take a month off in March and go for IVF #2 in April.   I really didn’t want to have to get to IVF #2 but it’s looking like that’s the only chance we have.


7 thoughts on “IUI #4: A Bust

  1. g2the4thpower

    Sorry to hear this. You never know! I have close friends who had all kinds of procedures done, drugs taken, etc and ended up getting lucky at home on “break” cycles. Crazier things have happened!


  2. carolinep9

    I am so sorry. I really feel for you because it’s so frustrating. We put this into the hands of science and even then our bodies don’t respond. In the past I have used the time off to go to the gym, eat better, read, take my mind off of it. But what I’m really doing is counting down the weeks when I can start again.


      1. carolinep9

        Fortunately I was able to start IVF round 2 last week. Now it’s waiting between appointments to see how estrogen rises and follicle count increases. I sometimes can’t wait to do injections again tonight! It makes the process one step closer, one tiny thing that I can do.


      2. carolinep9

        They say I have 6 strong follicles that are growing. I think it’s not a lot, and not super-fast, but I keep reading that egg quality is what matters. And that’s what my issue is all about. Thanks for your support! I enjoy reading about your progress.


      3. 26rainbow Post author

        It truly is all about quality! I had 17 eggs, 10 fertilized and only 3 made it to a 5 day transfer. I had a friend who only had 5 eggs, all 5 fertilized, and 4 made it to day 5 so it is about quality. Good luck and keep me updated!


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