Another Fertile Window

Here we are in the middle of another month and another fertile window.   I’m getting a little worried about how short my cycle has been the past 3 months.   I’ve been ovulating around day 12 or 13 and having 26 day cycles.    This coming from the girl who ovulated day 16-18 and had solid 31 or 32 day cycles for 5 years.    It’s all happened since my miscarriage so I guess it’s normal but it’s frustrating to me.

Sunday night I tested and got a negative OPK.   I’m talking it was seriously light so I wasn’t planning on testing again for 2 or 3 days.   I woke up Monday morning with a flood of egg white cervical mucus so I tested again Monday afternoon and had a super dark positive OPK.  I don’t know how that happened.

So I let my husband know it was go time.   I hadn’t been feeling particularly in the mood the last few days and he had so this was good news for him.   We promptly went to bed and did what needed to be done.   He joked that we were on my time schedule and had to do it while we could.   Sadly, it really is on my time schedule because once I get a positive OPK I almost always ovulate within 24 hours.

I have no delusions that we will get pregnant this month.    Going a month without treatment is basically a month without hope.  It’s sad to think this way and yes we did have fertile window fun, but I’m not expecting anything.   Now it’s the two week wait and then I’ll give my RE a call to set up our 5th and final IUI.   So now I wait….


4 thoughts on “Another Fertile Window

  1. carolinep9

    After my pregnancy my cycles and ovulation time was/is just like yours. They say that the estrogen has changed, the egg quality has dropped, and that’s why it’s happening. Freakin’ impossible to naturally conceive so that’s why we are in IVF now. I admit, I hate when sex is a task with little emotion involved.


    1. 26rainbow Post author

      I’m glad I’m not alone! It’s been crazy and it’s driving me crazy in the process. Have you started your IVF cycle? Where are you in the process? We are doing another cycle in April.



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