IUI #5 Monitoring and Bad News

I went for monitoring this morning and was sure I was going to trigger today for IUI on Saturday.  This is how it always is with my IUI’s.

We got to the office late because the roads were crappy this morning.   As soon as I was there they took me back.   The RE looked on my right side and found 1 follicle at 15mm.   He looked on the left side and had a very difficult time finding my ovary.   It took he and a nurse a lot of pushing and pulling and poking but they found it.   No follicles at all.

This was concerning since for the last 4 IUI’s I’ve had 3 follicles.   He told me he wanted me to come back on Saturday for monitoring and possible IUI.   Boo.

He then wanted to talk to me about my blood work from last week.  My FSH levels were back and he is very concerned that the number jumped from around 5 to 14.2 in just 6 months.   14.2 is very high and could mean I have DOR (diminished ovarian reserve).  He’s also worried because my ovaries didn’t produce how they normally do.

He ordered an AMH test to see what my levels are there.   I’m very worried they are going to come back low meaning a diagnosis of DOR.   This sucks as we are planning on IVF in April.  The RE is concerned as well because of my lack of response to Letrozole this time as well as my FSH numbers.

So, a bad day here.  Hopefully I’ll have more info on Saturday, though the AMH levels won’t be back in for 7 days.


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