IUI #5: Cancelled

Today is a sucky day all around.   There is a blizzard outside.   We had an RE appointment at 7:30 this morning and had to travel 1 hour to get there.   Going wasn’t a problem as it hadn’t started snowing yet.

When we got to the office it started to snow.   We went in and I was immediately taken back.  It turns out I was the only appointment today.  The doctor came in and checked the ovaries.  He saw the same follicle in my right ovary as on Thursday but it hadn’t grown at all.   He had difficulty seeing my left ovary so I had to go and drink a ton of water and wait 15 minutes so he could do a stomach ultrasound and look for it.

hope in the darkness

By this point the snow was pouring down. My husband was getting nervous about the roads and I was nervous about the ultrasound. We went back in and the RE saw several follicles in the left ovary but nothing measurable.

He told me he could go ahead and do the IUI if we wanted but if it were him he wouldn’t waste his money.  The lead follicle was 15.2mm and my OPK in the office was positive.  Chances were that it wouldn’t mature into an egg by the time ovulation would occur.  I thanked him for his honesty and we decided not to do it.   He apologized for having us come in with all the snow and sent us on our way.

My high FSH numbers were now really worrying me>  I’d never had this happen before.  My follicles always grow and grow fast.  I always have multiple ones.   Today I had 1 and it hadn’t grown in 3 days.  I’m dreading my AMH levels coming back.  I fear they are going to be very low.

So I’m sad today.   I’m also mad that we risked our lives to get there and my body didn’t cooperate.   It pisses me off. We left the office and instead of going straight home my husband drove to the grocery store.   We bought two bottles of champagne and saw the RE in the market getting food before the storm got any worse.   I’m sure he understood why we were buying booze.

Now we wait.   We wait for my AMH levels t come back and for my next cycle.  At the start of the next cycle we call and will have all of our tests that we need for IVF the next cycle.  I’m feeling much less hopeful then I was before and that sucks. It all sucks.


6 thoughts on “IUI #5: Cancelled

  1. tonibear1415

    Im so sorry, a cancelled cycle just sucks, harder than a BFN in my opinion as you never get to TRY. After my 1st cancelled frozen embryo cycle, i cried for 8 hrs straight. Broke my heart. I feel for you. Enjoy your champagne x



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