Bad Test Results

I haven’t posted in almost a week because I’ve been sad…and mad…and feeling hopeless.   After my IUI was cancelled on Saturday the RE wanted to take a look at my AMH level.   One year ago it was sitting pretty at 2.56.  That was a good number and my doctors were pleased.   At that time my FSH was around 9 which they said was fine as well.

When my FSH came back at 14.2 last week the doctor was worried.   FSH is what makes the follicles and pushes them to become a mature egg.   14.2 is a high number and they don’t like to see it.   Put that with the fact I only produced 1 follicle with the Letrozole this month and they were worried.

I was on pins and needles for 4 days waiting for my AMH results.  The nurse called on Wednesday and told me to call her back.  She didn’t leave the results on my voicemail so I knew something was wrong.

An AMH level of under 1 is low and concerning.  When I called her back she told me my level came in at .26.   It had drastically dropped in the past year.   .26 is considered significantly low and shows that I don’t have much time left to have a baby.  The nurse told me we need to look at IVF as soon as possible to get the best results.   the only high point of the conversation was that I responded well to stims in the past and as recently as January so they were hopefully if we go to IVF next cycle I’ll be ok.

I cried a lot that night.   I couldn’t handle it.   How was it that just this past summer they told me I had plenty of time left, not to rush?   I produced 22 eggs in August during my IVF cycle.   I was a champ.   Now, I’m worried I won’t even produce 5 eggs during my next, and quite possibly my last, IVF cycle.

We had already planned on doing IVF in April but I’ve been waivering because I have a lot going on at work in April.   With the new numbers in I don’t really care about work and what I’ll be missing.  They will have to get on without me because the time to do IVF is now, and I’m going for it.   The plan is early April though I’ll have to have some testing done prior to that.

So overall it’s been a bad week.   I’ve had trouble putting the numbers out of my head and don’t know what to do to make it any better.   I’ve had several people tell me I’m on until I hit .1 for AMH but sitting at .26 I’m not very far away from that.


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