IVF #2 Consult

Yesterday morning I had my IVF consult with the RE.   He is new to the clinic where I go but he did do an ultrasound on me several months back.  When I walked into his office he told me we had to have a heart to heart.

He talked about my AMH being .26 and my FSH being 14.2.  He said that while the numbers weren’t great, they weren’t impossible either.  He also said based on my previous IVF response in August, just 6 months ago, he feels like we can produce some quality eggs.

He talked about his own IF journey.  It took he and his wife 8 years of going through IF before they had their children.  In fact, he didn’t go to medical school until after his children were born.  Because of the difficulty they had, he wanted to help others like him and so he went to med school to be an RE.   Pretty cool that he understands where we are coming from.

hope 1

He explained that my options are to go for an aggressive IVF cycle as soon as possible or to use donor eggs.  I told him we weren’t ready for donor eggs so we are planning on an aggressive iVF cycle.  He wants to use a Lupron Flare protocol because of the DOR diagnosis I’m a candidate for low response.

We also discussed embryo biopsy.  Because of my low number of eggs left, the doctor would like us to have embryo biopsy done on the embryos we produce.   He can give us a 70% success rate if we do that.   It will look for chromosome pairs, genetic disorders, and will determine the gender of the baby.   I think it’s crazy that they can know the gender of the baby before placing it back in me.  I’m not sure if I could choose so I think we’ll tell him to just place the healthiest embryo.

The doctor told me he thinks I can produce eggs and is giving me a good shot.  I’m feeling much better then I was previously when I got the test results back.  He also gave me his email and his personal cell phone in case I have any questions for him.   While I still don’t feel great….I feel much better then I did last week and I know have some hope.


8 thoughts on “IVF #2 Consult

  1. carolinep9

    This is great news! How long would the embryo biopsy take? Would it delay the transfer? Usually transfers are 5 days after retrieval. Just wondering in case we have to do another round. I’d want this option. Almost everything about you is just like me! Low AMH. high FSH, doing a Lupron cycle. I hope they don’t put you on birth control pills to start. That totally messed up my first IVF cycle.


    1. 26rainbow Post author

      They told me they can biopsy it on day 3 and the results will be back on day 5 for a day 5 transfer. I was on BCP my first IVF cycle because of a huge cyst but this time aroudn they aren’t putting me on it. Are you going to be doing another cycle soon?


      1. carolinep9

        I am 7 weeks pregnant but two days ago my first sonogram showed the baby is only 6 weeks in size. It’s like I am already thinking this won’t pan out. Need to wait until next Wednesday to see how things have progressed.


      2. carolinep9

        Thank you for remembering. I had to reschedule for Thursday because my husband had to suddenly go out of town for work. I figure it’s just another day. But I’m crawling the walls!


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