Did you ever notice that when you have infertility problems you are always waiting?   I wait for my period so I can call the RE.  I wait on my first ultrasound to see if I have any cysts.  I wait on my second ultrasound to see if the medication works.  I wait on my bloodwork to see if it’s time to trigger.  I wait for 2 weeks in hopes of seeing a Big Fat Positive….and when it’s negative I do it all over again.

I’m currently awaiting my period so I can get this show on the road.  We aren’t doing treatment this cycle but this is the prep for IVF cycle.  As soon as it shows up I’m cutting back to 1 cup of half-caff coffee per day as my only source of caffeine.   I don’t drink much at all but I’ll cut out all alcohol.   I’ve started taking CoQ10 supplements.

Once this cycle starts I have to call the IVF nurse.  She will in turn tell the RE that I’ve started and get my protocol.  I know I’ll be on Lupron and I’d like to get it ordered ASAP since there is apparently a shortage. I also just want to get it all here so I’m ready for the cycle.  I also believe the RE wants to see me one more time this month before we get started to get a schedule set up.

My husband needs to do a repeat SA this month as well.  We aren’t worried about that because his numbers are always good but he still has to do it.  I need to also mentally prepare for this cycle.   Since i had so many eggs retrieved last time I’m concerned I’m going to be disappointed if we only get 5 or 6 this time.   My RE says not to worry as it’s about quality not quantity, but when you are on your last eggs, both count.

So I’m just waiting.   I’m 2 days late but I took a HPT yesterday and it was negative so I’m anxious to get this cycle started.   I probably won’t have much to post this month as we are playing the waiting game but I’ll check in with my protocol and any updates.


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