Postponing IVF

Well, it looks like we’re going to post-pone round 2 of IVF until June.   I’ve been very anxious about this and having a hard day but at the end of the day I think my problem was more with the not knowing then the postponing.

I talked with the IVF nurse several times and she says that the RE says I can do it in April or June but my chances are better in June when we can do PGS testing.   Since my last IVF cycle resulted in a miscarriage I’d rather have the embryos tested so we put in a healthy embryo.  In the grand scheme of things and the 3 years we’ve been trying, whats another 2 months?

The nurse also says they will put me on birth control pills so that I can start my cycle in early June when the equipment is in and I can get started right away.  They weren’t going to put me on pills for the April cycle but I’m glad they are choosing to do it for the June cycle because whenever I have a cyst on my ovary the BCP’s seem to shrink it which will be better for IVF anyhow.

So I guess we play the waiting game again.  This month we can have a last ditch effort to conceive naturally then next month I’ll start BCP’s.   It’s always funny being on BCP’s because I’m using them to try and get pregnant.  Ironic I guess would be the word.



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