New Plan

Well, my RE called me Sunday at home.   How cool is he?  He also gave me his cell phone number and told me to call any day before 10pm if I have questions and we could talk.  We discussed postponing the cycle just to be sure and he said little will change in two months, especially if we aren’t doing any treatment, so he’s comfortable with us waiting until June so we can do PGS.

In the grand scheme of things I’m ok with it too.   I have a lot of state testing in April that I would have to find coverage for and it wouldn’t have been fair to my students.  In June we are basically done and it won’t matter in the least if I’m out a lot.  Also if we conceived in April I’d be due in January which would mean I would be home with my child for 2 months then go back to work.  If we conceive in June I’d be due in March and I think I could just take off the rest of the year and go back in August.  Sometimes things work out for a reason and I have my fingers crossed this is it for us.

We also spoke about everything that needs to be done prior to our cycle.  My husband needs another semen analysis and is going to get that done this morning.  We both need infectious disease screenings again.  I have to go for a sonohystogram.   I’m a little worried about this since the last one they did I had to have surgery to cut out about 15 polyps in my uterus.  It was painful and I don’t want to do that again but if it helps….I will.

They are also going to put me on birth control pills in May so they can start my IVF cycle as soon as the laser comes in.  I’m anxiously awaiting the news that it’s in and we can start.   Since they do cycles I can’t go until at least June 3.   They start up cycles next week and run through May 7 but there is no way the laser will be in for those cycles.   So then it runs June 3-July 10 (I think) so that’s when I’ll get in there and go.  At this point school ends June 17th so that’ll be fine.  I should be out by my retrieval and transfer.

In the coming weeks I won’t be posting as much because there won’t be too much to say.   I’ll check in with my husband’s SA results, when I have the sonohystogram, and starting in May when we order the meds and things start rolling I’ll be posting more often.

I’m scared, I’m worried, and I’m just ready to get started!


5 thoughts on “New Plan

  1. carolinep9

    You got a cell phone number??? Holy crap. Holy freakin’ crap. Wow.
    BTW, you’ve got a great attitude. I love your positivity!



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