Happy Easter!  Yesterday I had a wonderful day with my family.   I went to my parents, my brother and his wife, my husband and I hunted for our Easter baskets and had a nice time.  Then my entire family came over for dinner.   It’s nice to see them on holidays and I wish I lived closer.

I love holidays at my parents but I need to learn to stay off Facebook for the holidays.   I drove home, sat on the couch exhausted, and opened up Facebook.   As I scrolled my entire feed was full of everyone’s children.    Kids in their Easter clothes, families with their kids, pregnant women smiling and holding their bulging bellies in their Easter dresses.

Holidays pretty much suck for infertility.   It’s a huge reminder that I don’t have a baby.  It’s a huge reminder that I’m not pregnant.   On holidays, I feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t have a child and after a wonderful day it really brought me down.

Of course on Saturday I had this experience.   We went out to dinner with friends and were having a blast.  In the middle of the conversation the husband says something about fertility drugs and my husband and I just looked at him.  We said nothing.   He goes on and says, “Well, what did they think would happen when they took fertility drugs?  Of course they would have 6 or 8 kids!”

Folks, this man is a doctor.  Granted, he’s a skin doctor, but still.   You have to have some basic medical classes.   If a doctor doesn’t understand infertility how can I expect the general public to understand it?   Most clinics monitor patients and work VERY HARD to have single babies and not multiples.   But people don’t get it.   They think fertility drugs = lots of babies.


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