Yesterday I had a sonohysterogram.   It was the second one I’ve ever had and it’s in preparation for our next IVF cycle.   I crossed my fingers and went in hoping they wouldn’t see anything.   There was an intern, the RE, and the nurse.

First off the nurse got me ready.  She’s the best.   She’s older but it turns out she’s a Nurse Practitioner, teaches nursing at the college, and has tons of experience.  The intern and doctor came in and the intern cleaned my cervix and tried to put in the speculum. She couldn’t get it in so they had to go with a smaller speculum.  She got that one in.


Next the intern tried to put in the cathetor but she could not get it.   The RE then tried and told the nurse to make a note this would be a problem for transfer.  He finally got it in going up the left side and told me it would be ok.  They started inserting the saline.   The RE took a lot of pictures.

When he asked for more saline I knew I was in trouble.   He and the nurse talked for a moment then he turned the screen towards me.   She showed me a long, thin strip going across my uterus.   He said it could be scar tissue or it could just be endometrium.   He was going to ask the other RE, the one doing my IVF cycle with me, what he wanted to do.

They helped me sit up and everyone but the nurse left.   She pulled the blanket over me, told me to sit for a few minutes to drain, and then handed me a pad.   I sat for 2 minutes and nothing was coming out.  I stood up and…..yeah there was the solution, mixed with a little blood.

I got myself dressed and went to talk to the doctor.   He, the intern, and the other RE sat me down and took a look.   While they said it could be nothing, it looked like some tissue.   The RE was worried because it’s in a place where an embryo would implant and he didn’t want to take the chance.   I agreed with him.  If I’m going through days of shots, medications, egg retrieval, and a transfer, I want to do everything I can to give myself the best chance.

I walked out of the room and my husband could tell by the look on my face what had happened.  It sucks but I want the best chance possible because I don’t know how many more times I can go through the hope and disappointment.

My hysteroscopy is scheduled for May 1 with a pre-op on April 24.  While I’m not happy about going under again, I just want whatever it is gone.


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