Post Opp Appointment

Last Tuesday I had my Post Opp Appointment.   My husband and I went in hoping to hear that everything looked good and that we could start IVF as soon as the PGD laser came in.

While there we found out that what the doctor removed from my uterus was indeed a polyp.  It was a rather large polyp and the doctor was very glad we removed it because it was taking up a lot of space where an embryo might implant. I was glad to hear we made the right decision in having it removed.

After he discussed the polyp with us he shook my hand and said he’d see me in June.  I looked and him and told him that the nurse said he was going to talk about our options with IVF in June and July.  He told me there weren’t any options anymore, that the check came for the laser so it will be up and running by mid to late June so IVF in June is a go!

I was happy to hear it but nervous.   Of course I started freaking out on the way home.  Do I have all the medications?  Do I have enough needles?  What if I run out of medication?  What if I have to go to my parents during this cycle and they don’t understand why I don’t want to get in the pool?  (I don’t want to get it because they would be able to see my bruised arms and stomach).

When we got home I went right to my medication box and got out all of my paperwork.  I tried matching everything up and feel like I did a pretty good job.  I do think I’m missing a certain size needle and possibly one type of syringe.  I e0mailed my nurse this weekend and asked her to please call me when she gets back from vacation so we can go over everything.

I can hardly believe we are here.   It was 10 months ago that we did IVF for the first time and here we are again. Who would have thought we’d be here this year?  I’m keeping everything crossed that this time goes smoothly and that I have some good news before my 35th birthday in July.


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