Ups and Downs

Well the past week and a half has been a series of ups and downs.   I last wrote that my post-opp appointment went well and everything was on for IVF in June.  That was all well and good for about 48 hours.   Then I got an e-mail from the nurse.

She was telling me that the laser was going to be July 6 but that it wouldn’t be set up until July 17th.  The end of the June/July cycle is July 21 so this would have been good except we’re going to Florida for 5 days in the middle of July so it wasn’t going to work for me.  Cue my freak out.

The nurse and I immeidately began e-mailing back and forth.  I was at a training all day so I had access to my phone whereas if I had been at school I wouldn’t have been able to write her so much.   She told me they were more worried about doing PGD then about my AMH numbers.  They want the best embryos to go in because I’ve had a loss and my numbers are so low.


I started crying and telling her that I was the patient and my husband and I wanted to do IVF now.   We’ve been planning, I had all the meds, and we’d already been delayed 3 months.  I wasn’t waiting around another 2 months to be ready to go.   Besides, the new window opens the day I go back to work in August so I knew that wasn’t going to happen.  The beginning of a new school year, with a new principal, and special ed kids is NOT the time to take off 7 or 8 days in a row.

We went back and forth all day and we left it with she was going to have my doctor call me.  The next day she started writing again and I finally told her my husband and I had talked and either we were going to do it in June and put in an embryo without PGD or we wanted to freeze our embryos to do PGD at a later date.  She had already told us previously that they wouldn’t freeze and then do PGD.

Later that day I received an e-mail saying the RE sat down with the lab and although they don’t like to freeze embryos and then do PGD in this case they were willing to do so.   That was like a huge weight being lifted off me.  I felt so much better.

I called my husband and he was happy to hear it.  I then called my insurance company and was happy to hear that retrieval and transfer all count as one cycle so even though we’re doing a retrieval in June and a transfer in August, it’ll all be covered as just 1 cycle, leaving us with one more cycle just in case.

So where we are now is that I have 2 more weeks of birth control pills.  It seems like it’s forever away and just around the corner.  I’ll take my last pill on June 20th and have my first monitoring appointment June 23rd.  If everything looks good I’ll start stims that day and have a retrieval around July 7 or 8.  This means several things.

1.  I’ll be able to drink on vacation!

2.  I won’t be black and blue for my birthday party (which will be 5 or 6 days after retrieval).

3.  All of my monitoring will be during my summer vacation.

4.   My FET monitoring will begin prior to the school year though I will have to take a day or two off at the beginning of the year.

All in all my husband and I think this is what’s best for us.  I’m hoping that this will give us the rainbow baby we are looking for.  We’ve also decided to freeze any “normal” embryo even if it isn’t great quality in hopes of using it later.

Fingers crossed everything goes well on June 23rd!


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