IVF #2 …a few more days

So apparently my body is just screwing with me.  I had bleeding for 12 hours on Thursday and then around 7pm it stopped.   It just stopped!  No warning or anything.   So Friday morning I call the nurse to see what she wants me to do.   She still wanted me to come in so they could see what was going on.

So yesterday my husband and I went to the RE’s office.  He came in and checked.  He said my lining was thick (11 I think) so he didn’t think I’d shed it at all yet and needed to do that before starting.  The good news is that they did my antral follicle count and I had 7 visible on the right side and 5 visible on the left side for a total of 12.  Apparently they like to see at least 10 for an IVF cycle and for someone with an AMH of .26, the RE said I was doing pretty good so that was a relief.

After the appointment I went and talked to the nurse with my husband.   We talked in depth and decided if only 3 or less egg fertilize we’re just going to transfer.  We’ll forgo the freezing and PGD and just transfer.  I think it’s best.  If we have more then 3, we’ll probably freeze.

I got my protocol as well.   I’ll be doing 600 iu’s of Follistim for 3 days.   Then I’ll switch to 375 iu of Follistim and 75 iu of Menopur for a few days.  I’ll add in estrogen suppositories and Ganarelix at some point as well.   So meds are only once a day which is really nice!   Last time I was doing them day and night.  They are figuring on 10 days of stims then a trigger shot.

So, I have to wait until I have a full 24 hours of bleeding, then I’ll start my stims.  They are figuring I’ll get my period Saturday or Sunday so I’ll start Sunday or Monday with stims.  Pretty much back to my original timeline.


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