IVF #2 Day 4

I’m back again!    I went to aerobics last night and found myself pretty tired so while I did everything I was supposed to, I did it at a lower impact then I normally would have.  I didn’t want to jostle the old ovaries too much.

Last night was my second night of stims.   I did 600 iu’s of Follistim again.  This time I had to change the cartridge in the pen in the middle of my injection which was a pain.   I also bled last night and have a little bruise this morning.   That’s not the worst of it though.  Since about 10pm last night I’ve had a killer headache right behind my right eye.  Tylenol is helping, but it’s still there.  I’m hoping it’s just an effect from the high dose of meds.

follistim pen

Weighing in this morning at 131.6 and my waist size is still 29.5 inches.  I’m not expecting a huge growth or weight gain until Friday or Saturday when I start all of the other medications as well.  One med isn’t doing all that much right now…except hopefully growing all 12 little follicles they saw last week.

Waiting until Saturday is going to kill me!  I’ll have 5 days in of stims already before they check on my progress.   Last time I had 22 eggs retrieved which was awesome, but this time I’m really hoping for 10, but I’ll take 8.  Those are my hopeful numbers.   Hopefully I’m not massively disappointed when I go in for monitoring Saturday morning.


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