IVF #2 Day 5

I’m trucking along here on day 5.  Last night when I did my dose of 600 units of Follistim it burned just a little.  I hadn’t experienced that in previous doses and I can’t say it was pleasant.   Again I slept like a baby last night.  Those meds just knock me out!

Last night I also added in an Estradiol suppository and forgot just how lovely suppositories can be.  I’m glad I only have to use them at bedtime.  It makes for much less mess then daytime use.

Funny story about the Estradiol.  Apparently they are having trouble stocking it or getting it so I had to wait almost a week for my package.  When I opened it there is a sticker on it saying, “This suppository is compounded specially for you.”  WOW, if that’s not exciting I don’t know what is!  I laughed out loud when I read that.

My headache was better last night and today.  I had a dull headache last night and this morning but nothing like yesterdays headache behind the eye so that’s good.

As for my weight and waist size, not much difference today.  My weight was 132.2 when I woke up this morning.   My waist size is still 29.5 inches.  No change there.   I have a little bit of a weird feeling in my lower abdomen, though I can’t say it’s my follicles growing.   I’ve also had a bit of nausea this morning which is new.

Otherwise I’m going to keep trucking on with my first monitoring appointment in just 2 days!


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