IVF #2 Day 6

Alright, so we’re on day 6.   Last night I added in Menopur and reduced the amount of Follistim.   So I did 375 iu of Follistim, which went very smoothly and didn’t hurt.  I did half a vial of Menopur which burned like crazy and made me miserable.   Then I did my estradiol suppository.  It was quite a night of meds.  I about passed out 30 minutes after giving myself my meds and feel into a deep sleep.

So I’m getting a little worried about my waist and weight because they aren’t going up.   My weight was 131.2 this morning and my waist was 30 inches.  So weight down a little and waist slightly up.  I am feeling some bloating in my lower abdomen so I hope that means I have some growing.   I’m not feeling real hopeful at this point.

I go in tomorrow morning for my first monitoring appointment so at least I’ll have an idea of what we’re looking at.   I’m really hoping for at least 8.  Of course more would be great, but 8 is my hope today.   We’ll see how it pans out!


One thought on “IVF #2 Day 6

  1. g2the4thpower

    For the menopur, if you don’t already, try mixing it a while before injecting, and swirl it around regularly to dissolve the powder crystals really well. I found it rarely burned if I had it mixed well enough. Good luck!



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