IVF #2 Day 7

Today was my first monitoring appointment!  Usually on Saturdays there aren’t many people in the office but today the place was packed!   I walked in to 5 couples in the waiting area and no one at the desk.  After about 10 minutes someone came out and told us that they were finishing up an egg retrieval then they’d be out for everyone.

The IVF nurse came out first and she took me right back!   I don’t think everyone else was pleased but she was waiting on me.   We went back to the room and a new RE did my ultrasound.  He couldn’t find either of my ovaries.  Now, I know I have tricky ovaries that hide but usually everyone can find the right one and they only have trouble with the left.  In this case he couldn’t find either.

So they had me get up, use the bathroom, then go to the other ultrasound room with the newer equipment.  He found the right ovary fairly quickly and I have 7 measurable follicles!   YAY!   They range from 7-11 mm so it’s looking good on that side.  As for lefty, he was not cooperating.

They finally decided to look for the left ovary with the belly ultrasound so they found it.  One measurable follicle on that side and 2 smaller ones.  So all in all, not a bad count for someone with crappy AMH and FSH!

The nurse then took my E2 levels and said she’d call me later on and let me know if anything needs to change but it didn’t look like it since I was responding well.

Last night I did 375 iu of Follistim and 1/2 a vial of Menopur.   Then I took my Estradiol suppository and I started Ganarelix.  So it was quite a night of meds and left me sleepy of course.   I’ve been sleeping great.

On the weight and waist size, I’m still trucking along without much gain.  I weighed in at 132.2 this morning with a waist size of 30 inches so I’m still right where I should be.


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