IVF #2 Day 8

It’s Sunday!   Day 8 of my cycle and day 7 of stims.  Not much new going on, I’ve just been super tired.  I’m not one to nap or relax but the past 2 days I’ve been extremely tired and have even gone so far as to lay on the floor and close my eyes for a bit yesterday.

My stims last night were the same as the night before.  I did 375 of Follistim, 1/2 vial of Menopur, a Ganirelix, and my estradiol suppository.   I do them all at night which is nice because they knock me out!

My waist this morning is 30 inches and my weight is 132.4.  I’m starting to feel bloated even though I’m not really looking it.  The one thing that’s killing me are the bruises on my stomach.  I look like a freaking junky!  The nurse even commented on them yesterday.  So, I’m posting a picture of how my stomach looks after 6 days of stims.  It’s gross.

Bruising from IVF stims

I have another monitoring appointment tomorrow and hopefully a lot of the smaller follicles have grown.  I have no idea when my retrieval will be and I’m a little worried about that.   Hopefully it’ll be on an easy day for us!


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