IVF #2 Day 9

Well I had my monitoring appointment this morning.   It’s looking good!  On the left side I have 1 follicle measuring 17 and another at 13.  On the right side I have 6 follicles between 14-17.  They said it looks like I’ll trigger tomorrow!  This is much earlier then expected.

So it’s looking like there are 8 follicles in the running right now.  I’m a little nervous about that.  I have to go back again tomorrow morning for a monitoring appointment and if everything grew I’ll be triggering!

Funny story.  I took the RE and my IVF nurse a box of homemade truffles on Saturday.  They were raving about them this morning and the RE says he gave my pinterest account to his wife to check out and she said she knows about my blog and my pinterest account and already follows them!   How funny is that?

Anyhow, last night I did 375 of Follistim, 1/2 vial of Menopur, 1 estradiol suppository, and my Ganirelix.  I had a mishap with the ganirelix.   When I took the needle out some of it leaked out of the hole in my stomach.  I was freaking out!  Hopefully it’s all good though.

Tonight will be all the same except I’ll be adding in my Z-pack as well. I feel like I’ve got a crazy amount of meds going on in my system here!  It’s no wonder I can barely keep my eyeballs open.




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